A View on Jeremy Corbyn

I may not be a member of the Labour Party, but I am impressed by Jeremy Corbyn. So far he has demonstrated a lot of guts throughout the current bout of political hysteria at Westminster.

It was obvious when he was elected by Party members that he did not have the support of New Labour MPs and their like in the media and other segments of what Roosevelt referred to as Organised Money. That was the point of his election. He marked a different approach from the Blairites. Slick handling of the media is not his prime concern. He is more about promoting the interests of the disadvantaged and needy, reining in the excesses of the wealthiest 1%.

So what has caused the current group-think bout of hysterical demands that he should go? The only explanation I have heard is that he did not show leadership during the EU referendum campaign. Well, it is true he refused to join the over-the-top scare campaigning of the other so called ‘leaders’ like Johnson and Gove, Osborne and Cameron. They all grabbed headlines during the campaign by their childishly dishonest use of statistics. Corbyn acknowledged the EU was far from perfect – 7½ out of 10 – but refused to join in the lies and hysteria.

So, as a disinterested observer, I find his behaviour throughout to be quietly impressive. It seems improbable that he is motivated by anything other than the simple desire to let Labour Party members express their views over the leadership of their Party. He must have been sorely tempted to step down – if I were him I certainly would have, and with great relief. But I lack the sheer guts and tenacity it must take to change the direction of national politics.

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