UK Economy: Conspiracy or Cock-up?

Almost 5 years after the crash, the UK economy remains in the doldrums. Now even the IMF is critical of the UK’s austerity programme. But the government is not for turning from its basic pursuit of austerity plus miniscule photo opportunity gestures like letting small businesses off their National Insurance contributions for a period. But it isn’t working. Is it conspiracy or cock-up?

Or perhaps it is both. There is an underlying conspiracy to promulgate the theory which explains and justifies decisions which are clearly against the best interests of the mass of the population. The democratically elected leaders then cock things up by swallowing the theory whole, implementing its most outrageously inequitable measures and, aided and abetted by a largely collusive media, offering the formulaic explanations provided by the theory. Continue reading UK Economy: Conspiracy or Cock-up?