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April 2009
Free market capitalism vs company law

Sept 2009
The myth of shareholder value

Nov 2009
Bad Theory: the foundation of excess and disaster
Justifying the bonus culture
Cadbury and the Rape of Britain’s Real Economy

Dec 2009
The Financial Reporting Council’s Complete Horlicks
Earning the £Bn Bank Bonuses
Entrepreneur to Deal Maker: the strategic manager’s progress
The Institutional Truth About Free Markets
Alternatives to Free Market Fundamentalism

Jan 2010
The Trouble with Markets
Cadbury Directors Acting Illegally
The Destruction of Accumulated Surpluses

Feb 2010
Rape and Pillage or Co-operation
Freedom or Competition: make your choice
The Conservatives’ Commitment to Mutualism and Co-operatives
Was Friedman right?

Mar 2010
The Case for Monopoly
Financial Swindlers
The political Appeal of Co-ops and Mutuals
Auditing Repo 105 Deals

April 2010
Devastating Mistakes of Economics
Fat Cat Corruption
Going for Goldman
Protecting Real Economy Firms from Speculating Predators

May 2010
The Point about Profit
Yesterday’s Gods
Degrees of Inequality
The Cut-Recovery Dilemma
Guy Routh’s Critique

June 2010
Simplistic Economics
Corporate Criminality and Free Market Philosophy
The Long View
Banking Regulation
The Politicisation of Industry
The Importance of Agency in ‘The Rise and Fall of Management’

July 2010
Chinese Corporate Governance
Codes of Corporate Governance Practice
Common Theft by Financial Intermediaries
The Paradox of Free Market Ownership
BP, the BBC and Agency Theory Again

August 2010
CBI’s faux call for tougher takeover rules
Breaking up the Banks
The Utility of Economics
The Institutional Truth of Transaction Costs

Sept 2010
The Alternative to Friedman’s ideology
Dogma has had its Day
Basel’s New Banking Game Rules
Limits of Economic Advice to the Coalition
Vince Cable’s Fight
How has the crisis changed economics?

Oct 2010
What Good Did Economics Ever Do?
Ultra-Fast Exploitation of Real Economy Firms
What are they Laughing About?
Moral Responsibilities of Corporate Officials
Cut or Spend? Fad or Strategy?

Nov 2010
Don’t Ask Mr Moneybags How to Run the Economy
Unpicking Shareholder Primacy
The Root Flaw in Economic Thinking
Business as Usual and Stuff the Planet
Shareholder Tyranny in Post-Mature Economies

Dec 2010
A Further Word on Cadbury
Big Theme or Muddling Through
The Next Big Theme
The Peasants’ Revolt: A Translation for Christmas 2010
Changing Economics

Jan 2011
In Praise of Renegades
Bury the Dogma
Shared Value: another variation on the neoclassical theme
The Neoclassical S-Curve
The British Government’s Hopes for Partnership with the Unions

Feb 2011
Pity the Poor Banker!
Innovation, Strategy, Culture and Suicide
The Ignorance of Economics
Food Insecurity: Another Big Bubble in the Making

Mar 2011
Restoring Enterprise by Burying Dogma
Co-ownership Financing Growth
Is Japan’s Misfortune the Real Tipping Point?
Osborne’s Wasted Opportunity

April 2011
Capitalism without Bankruptcy: too big to fail
Economy Life Cycles
Why Don’t We Make the Bankers Pay?
Glencore and others are screwing the world

May 2011
Merger Arbitrageurs: Corporate Rapists or Just Plain Thugs
The Big One is Coming
Change is in the Air

June 2011
The Lesson of Southern Cross
How To Spend It

July 2011
The Untruths Which Rule the World
The Bombardier Fiasco
The Long Term Impact of the Murdochs’ Disgrace
The Red Herring of Interesting Times
Big Society Public Services – the Next Government Shambles
Tea Party Taxation

August 2011
Pushing the Economy with AAA Rated String
Looting and Rioting – Bob Diamond Again
Who’s Breaking Society Now?
Devastation by High Frequency Trading

Sept 2011
Ring-fencing or Separating Banking Activities
Neoclassical Endogenous Growth and a 50% Tax Rate
The Real Rogue Traders
Matters of Belief

Oct 2011
Occupy the City as well as Wall Street
The Real Economy Being Drained Away
Making Capitalism Work
Down the Financial Plug-hole

Nov 2011
Talent for being in the Right Place at the Right Time
Tax and Grow

Dec 2011
Cameron Fights for the City against the People
The Coalition’s Rebalancing Act
Monopolistic Complacency and the Big Four

Jan 2012
Mr Cameron Doesn’t Understand
The Road to Co-operation: Escaping the Bottom Line
Hatred, Contempt and Fury

Feb 2012
Sustainable Wealth of Nations
Why Bankers’ Bonuses Matter
Anglo-American Post-Industrial Waste
Blind Faith Destroying British Industry

March 2012
Public Services and Predatory Shareholders
Cameron’s Anti-business ‘snobbery’: Real or Synthetic?
Budgeting for Naked Greed
Who Rules the World?
What Really Matters Now

April 2012
Bad Theory and Management Renewal
God Complex ‘Drivers’ to Extinction
Free Markets Controlled by the Unaccountables
Modifying the Capitalist System

May 2012
A New and Legal Orthodox Wisdom

June 2012
The Criminal Company
The Defunct Professor Friedman?

July 2012
What will replace the public company
What good are stock markets?

August 2012
Our Madmen in Authority: the Bullingdon Intellectuals

Sept 2012
The Glencores, Xstratas and Blairs
The Culture of Irresponsibility
Labour’s Balls on Taxation and Spending

Oct 2012
Our future and effective innovation
The Real Costs of Globalisation

Nov 2012
The Cure for Monopolistic Exploitation

Dec 2012
UK PLC For Sale

Jan 2013
Lessons for Advanced Economies from 2012
Democratic Capitalism

Feb 2013
Gencore, PwC and Horsemeat

March 2013
Centrica and the Existential Lie
The FTSE100 and the UK Economy
Grasping the Nettle Now

April, 2013
Hope and the Green Party

May, 2013
UK Economy: Conspiracy or Cock-up?

June, 2013
Banking Standards Apple Pie

August, 2013
Saving the Friedman Legacy
Syria and the Madmen in Authority

Sept 2013
Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy Celebrations
Management and the Next Crash (RFM)

Oct 2013
Why the ‘big six’ suppliers are “ripping off” consumers

Nov 2013
The Next Crash and the Greens
The Real Worth of Co-operation

Feb 2014
Capitalism to the Rescue
Taxation and Growth

May 2014
Who will defend the British interest?

June 2014
More Big Six energy rip-offs

July 2014
Defending the System
The Royal Mail Rip-off Continues

Fighting Corporate Abuse: Beyond Predatory Capitalism

Oct 2014
The Final Victory of the Establishment?
A New New Deal

Nov 2014
A High Velocity Economy

Dec 2014
Tackling Corporate Bullies: Supporting Real Enterprise

Jan 2015
Je Suis un Humain
The Greek Example

Feb 2015
The Great GDP Deception

April 2015
UK ‘Open for Business’

May 2015
New Tories’ Rocky Road Ahead
Tories Rocky Road Ahead Confirmed

June 2015
The Economist’s Advice to Labour
Corbyn-led Coalition Government
The Common Sense of Austerity and GDP growth

July 2015
Greece Again

August 2015
Austerity a Vote Winner! M* A***!

Sept 2015
Screwing care homes still makes the easiest money
The Solution to Austerity

Oct 2015
TTIP – Plutocratic Victory
Saving the NHS

Nov 2015
Budgeting for Climate Change

Dec 2015
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Revisited
Outsourcing: What a Waste

Jan 2016
Fighting for Fairness in 2016
Impending Disaster, made in Davos, by Bilderburg

Feb 2016
The Importance of Competitive Markets

April 2016
There is an Alternative

June 2016
A View on Jeremy Corbyn

July 2016
What to do About Big Business

August 2016
Technological Innovation Changes Everything

Sept 2016
Science, Divisions and Hope under Islam (S M Deen)

Oct 2016
Business as Usual

Nov 2016
The Road to Armageddon

Jan 2017
Sustainable Business

Feb 2017
Education, Education, Education

March 2017
GDP, Austerity and Wellbeing  

March 2017
Sustainable Management Education

April 2017
Energy, Competition & Pretence

May 2017
Reply to the Prime Minister

June 2017
Vote for Real Business

July 2017
Murdoch’s Sky Takeover: another step to control by organised money
“Talent” Costs

August 2017
Economics for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Democratic Values Trashed by Economic ‘Science’

Sept 2017
“It’s the economy, stupid!” Let’s try Systems Economics instead

Nov 2017
The Greatest Economic Crimes

Nov 2017
In Praise of Free Markets

Jan 2018
The Lessons of Carillion and Grenfell

Mar 2018
More Damage by Organised Money

May 2018
The Simple Truth about Progressive Taxation
Threats to Democracy

July 2018
Interesting Times

Aug 2018
Twin Track Europe: the Solution to Brexit

Sept 2018
Limiting the Tyranny of ‘Organised Money’

Nov 2018
Brexit Again

Jan 2019
Economic Management isn’t just applied theory: it’s much more important than that.

Mar 2019
The Worst Possible Brexit
21st century Robber Barons


Remaking the Real Economy

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